Kintyre - A83 along the railroad line
In the early 1800fs, they made whisky at many places in Kintyre peninsula. I canft say that we can call them a distillery because of the size of them. They were like a small homemade distillery and I guess they were like the farm household distillery in Japan where they made sake. There were many people who quit distilling because the taxation and license system was enacted thorough the history and there work turned illegal. Now some of them are used as farmlands and residential street and most of them are now farmhouses and holiday cottage but there name still remains.
By the way, we have carried a view of places where we couldnft identify the name.
Ballochroy Ballochroy
Calliburn Calliburn
Clachan Clachan
Crubasdale Crubasdale
Drumore Drumore
Killarow Killarow
Killowcraw Killowcraw
Tangy Tangy
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