Wonderful Scotland
Photographer Teimei Horiuchi
I guess the beautiful mountains and hills, desolate scenery, many rivers and lochs, touching coasts and islands of magnificent nature are the reason why Scotland attracts me for many years. My journey continues by meeting warm people and being attracted to long history, rich culture and Celt passion.
Wonderful Scotland
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12 Mar 2016

The Lost Distilleries of Scotland [ Lochrin ] [ Pitheven ]

When I began coverage of Lost Distillery 16 years ago, one only small paperback was my Bible. It is SCOTCH MISSED of Brian Townsend. Now, This book is read around the world. My photograph was used for this revised edition(4th). It is like a dream for me. Please enjoy the history of the Scotch Whisky.
Lost Distillery is "Stillman's trace of his vision where the ancient rustle still remains".

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