Whisky is made from grain, and you ferment them and mature them in a cask after they are distilled. Irish, Scotch, American, Canadian and Japanese are the World Five Whisky.

Scotch Whisky is a whisky yield at Scotland in England. Therefs single malt whisky with strong character, mild grain whisky, and blended whisky that is a blend of these two. Figuratively, blend whisky is like an orchestra and malt whisky is like the instrument.

Whisky that is made from malt, distilled in simple still and matured in oak cask for more than 3 years is called malt whisky. Malt whisky that was bottled from only one distillery is called Single Malt. Producing area is classified to Highland, Speyside, Roland, Islay, Islands and Campbeltown. The characters of single malt whisky can be influenced by the location of the distillery, climate, the quality of water, the natural environment.
The special feature for every area
Area       Note       
Highlands The scent of peat is refreshing and flowey, delicate and mild flavor is well balanced. This area is wide (Pulteney distillery in the north and Glengoyne distillery in the south) and many characters can be seen here.
Speyside This is an elegant whisky like a flower. Itfs the most sweet and rich mellow whisky in highland. Half the distillery is centralized in this area.
Lowland Generally, they donft have strong scent of peat, they have light and plain scent and taste.
Islay Because of the strong isle wind, peat, water and ripen are influenced. Many of them are oily and have strong character like scent of peat and iodine.
Islands All the Islands differs in their characters. Skey and Mull are smoky and have strong scent of iodine. Orkney is a highlandpark that has plenty of body and taste of silk. Scapa from Lomond still is a bit oily. Jura and Arran are isle near Highland.
Campbeltown Campbeltown is located in the middle of Highland and Isle. Itfs scent is rich and has plenty of body, also itfs a bit salty. Itfs masculine.
Vatted Few malt whisky from each distillery is blended to make this whisky.
Blended This is a whisky of few malt whisky and grain whisky blended by blender.
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